Get Started

apm terminals transport management system

This page will provide you with all the information you need to connect to our APIs. Just follow our step-by-step guide, from account registration all the way through to your first call of our secure production APIs.

1. Sign up for an account

To use our API products, create an account using our sign-up page. You will be guided through the process. Once you have submitted your details, you will receive an email to verify your email address and activate your account.

Truck Appointment API only:
The steps on this page do not apply for our Truck Appointment API. APM Terminals needs to configure several things at its end during the Truck Appointment API set-up process. Please visit the Specification tab on our Truck Appointment API page for details of the implementation steps.

2. Accept a Plan (Terms & Conditions)

Before you can use our APIs, you'll need to agree to our Terms & Conditions of use. Log into your account, click on Plans in the menu and accept our Data Services Plan. Accepting our Data Services Plan is free of charge, and there is no obligation to buy credits and continue once your free 90-day trial has expired. The free-trial starts from the start date you select when accepting our Data Services Plan. You can cancel your plans at any time on the 'Balance & Credits/Plans' tabs under My Account.

3. Explore APIs and request an API key

You can find more information about the different APIs we have available, including technical documentation, on our APIs page. Once you’ve decided which APIs would add the most value to your business, you’ll need to request an API Key and let us know where you’ll be using our APIs.

Login to your account, click on Apps in the menu and then click ‘Add Apps’. Simply follow the instructions. Once you’ve added an API, click on ‘View Details’ to find your API Key. Using the tabs on this page you’re also able to edit and view analytics on this API Key.

4. Sandbox & testing

The Sandbox cannot be used for testing the Truck Appointment API (See below).  Before you commit to purchasing credits and using our production APIs, it's important to us that you are given time to test and prepare development at your end. Our sandbox API is a replica of our production API in terms of specification and content, it's just free to use with sample data. For instruction on using our Sandbox environment, visit our APIs page,  then select 'View Documentation' for the API your interested in, followed by the 'Specification' tab. There you will find a simple guide on how to connect to our Sandbox APIs.

5. Purchase a credit bundle

Once you’re happy with how our APIs are responding, you’ll need to purchase a credit bundle to continue once any free trial using our live data has expired. You can learn more about free trials, payment methods, prices and credit bundles on our Pricing page.

To add a credit bundle to your account, login and select My Account. Then select the 'Balance & Credits' tab. Click the ‘Add Credit’ button on this page and follow the instructions. The first time you add credit, you’ll be asked to enter your credit card details.

6. Start using

To use our production APIs your API keys remain the same, but there is a security policy enforcing OAuth2.0 Client Credentials Grant authentication, so you'll need to request a bearer token from our production environment. To find details on how to generate tokens and access our production endpoints, visit our APIs page, then select 'View Documentation' for the API your interested in, followed by the 'Specification' tab. If you require assistance at any point, visit our Support page.