Benefits of using APIs

Our APIs connect directly to our truck appointment system, so you'll always benefit from accurate, real-time data. We'll maintain and manage our APIs, so once you've set them up, you can be confident that they'll continue to provide:

  • Increased accuracy -data is transferred automatically removing the chance of human error or reliance on outdated information
  • Time saving & cost effective - enables large volumes of data to be handled with no manual intervention
  • Improved planning - guarantees you’re using the most up-to-date information available in the supply chain


What data will I have access to?

The APIs use APM Terminals’ truck appointment system called TERMPoint. Our Truck Appointment APIs enable customers to perform appointment tasks currently done through TERMPoint. This means that all end-users must be registered as authorized users on TERMPoint.

  • View available time slots
  • Create appointments
  • Receive a list of appointments with appointment information and updates for a requested timeframe
  • Receive detailed information for a specific appointment
  • Update appointments
  • Cancel appointments


  • Our Truck Appointment API can be used free-of-charge until June 30, 2021.
  • There is no one-off registration or monthly subscription fee.
  • The API is charged using a credits system. Further details about credit bundles can be found on our Pricing page.  
  • The Truck Appointment API uses 2 credits for creating an appointment. All other actions, such as viewing time slots or changing an appointment are free of charge.

For which terminals is data available?

Data is available for APM Terminals Los Angeles, USA (USLAX) and will become available for additional terminals in 2021.  Register for updates and we'll let you know as soon as data is available for the terminal(s) you're interested in. 

  • Los Angeles (USLAX) – Available appointments: 
    • Import Pickup
    • Export Dropoff
    • Empty Pickup
    • Empty Dropoff    


Interested in learning more?

For commercial questions, contact us and one of our Product Specialists will get in touch. For support with technical implementation contact our API Support Team.

Technical Implementation 

The Truck Appointment API requires a TERMPoint account.  A member of our Technical Support team will be happy to talk you through the process and help set up a test account and user(s) with the correct admin and API rights on our TERMPoint User Acceptance Testing environment. Please contact us to set up an appointment. 


Truck Appointment API Authentication Approach

The authentication process involves 2 steps. The combination of these two tokens will be used to authorize API calls.
System level authentication

  • Any software provider or Trucking company can register to request a key/secret from the API Store.
  • Software providers have the option to use a single authentication key or require each Trucking Company using their software solution to request and obtain its own authentication key. 

User level authentication

  • Individual users will request access to the Truck Appointment API in APM Terminals’ appointment system (TERMPoint)
  • The user access (authorization key) is generated and stored in TERMPoint. This user authentication will validate that the user is a valid TERMPoint user, associate the user to a trucking company and a terminal and validate the user’s permissions in TERMPoint


User Permissions

  • Individual TERMPoint user permissions will be managed within TERMPoint
  • TERMPoint will not pass permissions to the customer’s system. 
  • When a user tries to create, edit or cancel appointments, TERMPoint will check the user's permissions and either allow the action or reject it.
  • If a user without permission tries to create, edit or cancel appointments via the system (API), then TERMPoint will send back an appropriate rejection message.