Benefits of using APIs

Our APIs connect directly to our truck appointment system, so you'll always benefit from accurate, real-time data. We'll maintain and manage our APIs, so once you've set them up, you can be confident that they'll continue to provide:

  • Increased accuracy -data is transferred automatically removing the chance of human error or reliance on outdated information
  • Time saving & cost effective - enables large volumes of data to be handled with no manual intervention
  • Improved planning - guarantees you’re using the most up-to-date information available in the supply chain


For which terminals is data available?

Data is available for the following terminals and will be gradually rolled out to our fully owned terminals. Register for updates and we'll let you know as soon as data is available for the terminal(s) you're interested in. Terminal code shown between ():

  • Gothenburg, Sweden (SEGOT)
  • Los Angeles, USA (USLAX)
  • Mobile, USA (USMOB)
  • Port Elizabeth, USA (USPEB)
  • Vado Ligure, Italy (ITVDL)


Available appointment types 

  • Import Pick-up (All terminals)
  • Import Drop-off (ITVDL, USMOB, USNWK)
  • Export Drop-off (All terminals)
  • Export Pick-up (ITVDL, SEGOT, USMOB, USNWK)
  • Empty Pick-up (All terminals)
  • Empty Drop-off  (All terminals)
  • Chassis Pick-up (USMOB)
  • Chassis Drop-off (USMOB)


What data will I have access to?

The APIs use APM Terminals’ truck appointment system called TERMPoint. Our Truck Appointment APIs enable customers to perform appointment tasks currently done through TERMPoint. This means that all end-users must be registered as authorized users on TERMPoint.

  • View available time slots
  • Create appointments
  • Receive a list of appointments with appointment information and updates for a requested timeframe
  • Receive detailed information for a specific appointment
  • Update appointments
  • Cancel appointments



  • Our Truck Appointment API can be used free of charge. This includes creating, viewing or changing an appointment.
  • There is no one-off registration or monthly subscription fee.


Interested in learning more?

For commercial questions, contact us and one of our Product Specialists will get in touch. For support with technical implementation visit the Overview tab on this page or contact our API Support Team.

Technical Implementation 

To assist you with your implementation, please contact us to arrange appointments for the steps below. This will enable us to coordinate our efforts to set up the various systems required for a smooth implementation process.


Step 1: Introductory meeting (30 mins)

During this meeting a member of our technical team and our commercial team will:

  • Introduce you to your point of contact for any questions
  • Provide an outline of the onboarding process
  • Establish which systems you’re already familiar with
  • Gather some initial details from you, so that we can set up any necessary accounts prior to the Technical Onboarding.


Step 2: Technical onboarding meeting (Maximum of 2 hours)

During this onboarding session, which will be carried out using shared screens, we will assist you to:

  • Sign up for an account and register your App
  • Access your API key in our API Store
  • Call the authorization API endpoint with your key to get your token
  • Set up and access your TERMPoint account for your Customer Token
  • Familiarize yourself with what’s possible via the API


Step 3: Your time to test

  • Let us know when you plan to start testing and we'll ensure our test environment is ready and provide you with a test plan and test data.


Step 4: Switch to our live production data endpoint

Our test environment will help you see the potential for integrating the Truck Appointment API into your own systems. When you’re ready to switch to our live production data endpoint we will:

  • Make sure someone is on hand to carry out some final checks with you using live data
  • Test we’re receiving data as expected prior to the switch
  • Let the terminal know that you’re switching to live data so that they can support you with additional service during the transition
  • Provide you with a one page guide to explain to your end-users how to set up a TERMPoint account, and  use their individual TERMPoint key when using the API.



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Check here for version history

Our Truck Appointment API is currently version 1.0.  As and when the API evolves to provide more customer value and new iterations become available, our version history will be documented here.

To assist you with your implementation, please contact us to arrange an appointment, as described on the Specification tab. This will enable us to coordinate our efforts to set up the various systems required for a smooth implementation process.